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Steele Truss Company, Inc.


**Light Gauge Steel Trusses- Using Aegis Metal Framing as our proprietary system the range of possibilities is endless.  The Aegis System is the most efficient, economical, and install friendly system on the market saving you time and money, not only in the office, but in the field as well.  The permanent bracing averages about 15% less than other proprietary systems and is 20% lighter in weight.  With some of the most knowledgeable steel truss designers on staff and having full access too our engineering department for technical support, rest assure you are in good hands from start to finish.
Servicing all of NY, NJ, PA, and New England

**Roof Deck, Floor Deck and Acoustic Deck Panels- Offering a complete range of coated steel roof, floor, and acoustic deck panels for every need delivered right to site. All panels can be cut to length to your specifications.                    Servicing all of NY, NJ, PA, and New England.

**Custom Steel Mansard Frames- Using either the Aegis System or Stud Frame we can design frames of any shape or size to custom fit your project saving time and money in the field.  Custom frames are used but not limited to parapet walls, awnings, mansard framing in lieu of conventional rafter framing, towers, and front facade areas.

Servicing all of NY, NJ, PA, and New England


**Pre Panelized Steel Wall Panels- Panels made of cold formed metal stud/track using only high quality products with a minimum G-60 coating (G-90 upon request).  With spans capable of 12 feet tall and 40' long we can ensure your construction time and overall cost will be minimal.  Sheathing is also available upon request using all species of plywood,  Densglass, Securock, and all DOW Products to save you in field labor, equiptment, and eliminate onsite waste.

Servicing all of NY, NJ, PA, and New England

**Custom Bent Steel- Galvanized sheet steel custom cut, bent, and fit at our facility for dressing off the hip, ridge, valley, and sub-fascia rough openings along with any wall panel strapping.  Gauges range from 18 gauge down to 12 gauge.

Servicing all of NY, NJ, PA, and New England

**Wooden Roof & Floor Trusses- Using Mitek as our proprietary system the design, quality, and structural intent will always be present.  STC uses Southern Yellow Pine (MSR Lumber) and high strength galvanized metal plates to ensure quality, strength, and efficiency to our customers.  Offering a high volume production in our state of the art facility with a highly trained team of employees that makes your building projects fast, precise, and cost effective.

Servicing Upstate NY & VT Only